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'Why Women Need Wine' out now on streaming

Click to listen!

Click to listen!

Official Video "Meditation: Beyond the Shores of Darkness" out now

“The past year has been unprecedented in its darkness,” the singer/songwriter confesses. “The uncertainty eats away at the fiercest sense of discipline, at any sense of purpose; it’s felt very difficult to continue moving forward at times. When I wrote this song, I planned to write words. But there weren’t any. I was living beyond language. Tears rolled down my face onto my guitar as I explored the fingerboard for chords that revealed new facets of this journey inside.”

#avlstruggles Episode 1: "A Crack In The Sidewalk"

I've been producing a project to feature the stories and musical talents of Dianne Gambrell who grew up in a segregated Asheville in the historically Black Southside neighborhood. This is the first episode of a monthly series of vignette documentaries we will do this year to be featured in Ashvegas, our Asheville news and entertainment online magazine. Please take 3 minutes to listen to Dianne's story! Special thanks to Gen Kogure for the video, Casey Driessen who appears in this video and plays fiddle on the song "Struggles" alongside DaShawn Hickman (pedal steel)  and Wendy Hickman (vocals). READ THE FULL STORY HERE ON ASHVEGAS.COM. 

New Single "What's It Gonna Take?" out now!