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New Single "What's It Gonna Take?" 2/12 pre-save now!

"For as long as people have written songs, they’ve written songs that respond to and reflect on events in the world around them. And so, when Organic Records’ Anya Hinkle and her neighbor, Graham Sharp (Steep Canyon Rangers) got together to write on the day that news broke of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers, it was almost inevitable that what would emerge was a meditation on the gulf between American aspirations and American reality."

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"Struggles" music video w/Dianne Gambrell debuts MLK Day

"Two West Asheville neighbors with deep musical talents are teaming up to keep attention focused on the local fight for racial justice. Moved by the death of George Floyd at the hands of police last year, Dianne Gambrell wrote a song called “Struggles.” She shared it with Anya Hinkle, her friend and neighbor from just a few doors down, and a unique musical collaboration was born.

Gambrell is an Asheville native from the historically Black Southside neighborhood, a career nurse and mother of four who is also a lifelong singer and musician. Hinkle is an award-winning Americana singer-songwriter and music artist.

“We sat down over coffee and talked about Floyd’s killing, and the protests afterward. She told me she had written a song called ‘Struggles’, so of course I had to hear it.”

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New Single "I Belong To The Band" 1.8.21

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"Sometimes even the most determinedly original artist finds a song from another source that speaks to her circumstances so powerfully that she must find a way to make it her own. For Organic Records’ Anya Hinkle, the passage of time and events has only made her new single, “I Belong To The Band,” even more meaningful, and there’s no one better equipped to tell its story than the singer/guitarist herself.

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