2019 MerleFest Chris Austin Song Contest winner & Organic Records recording artist, Asheville, NC

2019 MerleFest Chris Austin Song Contest winner & Organic Records recording artist, Asheville, NC


“[Anya Hinkle & Tellico] … reminds us we cannot abandon our own humanity, even when others try to grind it out of us.” ”

No Depression

New Single "What's It Gonna Take?" out now!


"For as long as people have written songs, they’ve written songs that respond to and reflect on events in the world around them. And so, when Organic Records’ Anya Hinkle and her neighbor, Graham Sharp (Steep Canyon Rangers) got together to write on the day that news broke of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers, it was almost inevitable that what would emerge was a meditation on the gulf between American aspirations and American reality." 

LISTEN HERE: https://clg.lnk.to/AHgt-s

Once you hear Anya Hinkle sing you will want to hear her again. If you get a chance to see her perform, take it!”

Bluegrass Today

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